The company was founded in Widen on 06.04.1988;
born from the initiative of Mr. Siegfried Schoft as a manufacturer of bathroom extractors and with a small team, subsequently expanding the business with the resale of motors with the aim and commitment to offer its customers a guarantee of excellent quality.
In 2004 the company moved permanently to Ticino and since 2006 it is still present in the Stabio headquarters.

In recent years we have demonstrated its effectiveness and safety
both in terms of customer satisfaction and that of various suppliers.

In 2023, the property was acquired by a group of partners, who come from service activities and the creation of systems in the field of electromechanics, automation and special supplies.

Alongside the consolidated sales and customization activities of small electric fan motors and components, systems and components for industrial ventilation will also be included (soundproof industrial fans systems and air treatment), in the industrial aeraulic and high temperature treatments, control and automation systems.

We have started a collaboration with Rimor, a group specialized in industrial systems for the treatment of metal surfaces, such as sandblasting and painting booths, expanding and strengthening the potential and presence of the Cesotec group on the market.

We carry out small jobs such as customizing the fan-motor assembly with screw, flanges, preparing the wiring or adding specifications requested by the customer.

We will also be present for the design, construction and installation of turnkey painting systems, completing our presence on the market.


Last but not least, Cesotec’s objective is also to provide the repair and maintenance of electrical machines and electrical and mechanical components, in a word everything that is defined as after-sales service.